A Look at the Top Activity Bars in London

Celebrating your birthday at a bar with games is a nice twist and a good option if you’re not a fan of the traditional club scene. It brings back that magical feeling that you will remember from your childhood, but this time you get to enjoy good beer. Moreover, people have to let you win because it’s your birthday!

Let’s take a look at some of the best activity bars that you can find in and around London.

Apples and Pears – Cocktails All  Round at Osborne Street

Apples and Pears supplies you with an abundance of cool vibes and chilled atmosphere, keeping you entertained with a DJ and top ups of fresh pizzas and cocktails.

All Star Lanes – Bowling in Shoreditch

Bowling is a classic, and you can enjoy a more adult and luxurious version of your childhood fun at All Star Lanes. This alley has a 1950s vibe, complete with an old-school American Diner that serves a mixture of comfort food and fancy steaks. There are even some private karaoke booths. You can enjoy a trip for up to 21 people. If you want to take a bigger party, then the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes are a good choice since they accept group bookings for up to 8 lanes at a time.

Baranis – Cocktails in Temple

This quirky basement bar has an interesting menu of snacks from Provencal and a selection of pastis as well. The key attraction is an indoor petanque court. The goal of petanque is to throw the hollow metal balls so that they land as close as possible to the smaller wooden ball that is already on the gravelled court. It’s simple to learn but trickier than it sounds. There is just one lane at Baranis, so this is a venue best chosen for smaller groups of eight or fewer guests.

Mac & Wild – Virtual Shooting in Liverpool Street

This is a Scottish themed whisky bar, with more than 200 varieties to choose from, as well as interesting bar snacks such as haggis pops. The main attraction is the virtual shooting ranges. Dress up in tweed costumes and shoot simulated game. The cost is £60/hr, and this is ideal for bigger groups, supporting up to 40 people.

Bar Kick – Football in Shoreditch

Bar Kick is a football themed bar for ‘football royalty’, with cocktails, beer, charioteer, fine cheeses, and Foosball tables. Bring a group of 10 to 35 guests to enjoy games in a reserved area with up to two Foosball tables.

The London Shuffle Club at the London Shuffleboard Spot

Invented in the early 16th century it was even played by Henry VIII, so of course it became very popular. So popular, in fact, that people stopped working to play it, so the government in 1542 banned it. Now, it is back and the London Shuffle Club is a popular place to play it. The club has a permanent two-level venue to call home. Head over there to see what the fuss is about and try a game for yourself.

The Draughts Board Game Café in Haggerston, Waterloo

Board game cafes have cropped up all over the country. This crowd-funded club stocks more than 500 different games and has a selection of homemade baked snacks, and locally produced craft beers, along with ales, wines, and ciders. Bookings are available for up to eight people. Decide what you want to play in advance so that you’re not spoilt for choice!

Bounce – Ping Pong in Holborn, Shoreditch

This spacious bar in Holborn spreads out over 12,000 square feet, with a 40-foot bar and 17 ping-pong tables. There’s a DJ booth and a restaurant that looks out over the action. Table tennis is fun in and of itself, but Bounce makes it even better. You can reserve a table, or you can reserve several. Bounce is big enough to accommodate a work’s night out let alone a party for yourself and a few select friends. Ping Pong and beer are a great combination for a party.